Welcome to the HGCS English Learner Program

Over the last several years, much has happened in California to shape the future of education for all students, including English learners. In 2010, the California State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy; a few years later, the 2012 California English Language Development (ELD) standards were adopted. Both sets of standards lay the foundation for the creation of the first curriculum framework in California, and in the nation, where both ELA and ELD standards are woven together. The ELA/ELD framework addresses how both sets of standards work in tandem during English Language Arts and English Language Development instruction.  Howard Gardner Community School uses these standards in planning all instruction for English learners.

Our programs are designed to provide all students access to rigorous instruction that develops their academic language proficiency so they can collaborate effectively around complex text that is intellectually challenging. These materials support English Language Development that English learners need so they can participate fully in the ELA instruction and make the necessary progress to reclassify.

Developing the English Learner Roadmap

This year we will be working with all stakeholders to write our new English Learner Success Plan. In working with the San Diego County Office of Education, we will begin the second phase of writing the plan. We are looking for interested families to Join our committee to review the instructional strategies and curriculum that support ourĀ  EL students.